Propane is one of the lightest and simplest hydrocarbons, and one of the cleanest burning fuels available.

It doesn’t harm soil or the water table, and it is not a significant contributor to acid rain or ozone depletion.

In short, choosing propane as supplied by KHNL over other fuels can help combat climate change, while at the same time providing your business with a safe and efficient source of energy.

Propane Applications
  • Power Generation
  • Commercial/Industrial/Institutional
  • Agriculture
  • Food services
  • Oil and gas
  • Heating and other industrial applications
  • Metal cutting industry

  • Propane has a much higher vapor pressure than LPG. At lower ambient temperatures, users benefit from achieving natural vaporisation from the storage tank without resorting to artificial means such as vaporisers, This leads to savings in electrical and recurring maintenance expenses.
  • The use of propane ensures consistent pressure is maintained in spite of load fluctuations in the production.
  • Enhanced equipment performance, as Propane vapour does not condense readily, even across long lengths of pipeline.
  • Combustion efficiency is improved because the fuel quality is consistent.
  • Propane is a preferred fuel for industries such as like Glass, Ceramics, and Metal extrusion industries.