Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a colourless odourless liquid which readily evaporates into a gas. Normally an odourant has been added to it to help detect leaks. LPG is generally stored and distributed as a liquid and it is widely used for process, cooking and automotive propulsion.

LPG is non-corrosive but can dissolve lubricants, certain plastics or synthetic rubbers.

LPG bulk supply has inherent advantages to industrial users giving them the flexibility and control for using it for multiple applications. As a clean, efficient and conveniently available fuel, LPG also known as domestic cooking gas has seen magnificent growth and is expanding in Nigeria (with tremendous government focus).

LPG Applications
  • Domestic cooking gas
  • Heating/drying applications in industries
  • Metal Cutting
  • Auto fuel
  • Propellant for aerosols
  • Forklift fuel in industries

LPG ADVANTAGES against other fuels such as Wood /Charcoal/Kerosene
  • Instant cooking flame
  • Easy and instantaneous to light
  • Easy to control. The blue flame is visible, and its size is easily controlled over a wide range so that the required rate of heating can be obtained.
  • Non-poisonous and safe to use
  • It is portable