Quality Assurance

We are committed to consistently deliver the right products and services to meet our customer's requirements, p/ursue continuous improvement and quality initiatives in our operations.

Kwale Hydrocarbon Nigeria Limited (KHNL), is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all staff, reducing any impact her operations might have on the environment, and to providing the information, training and supervision to all its personnel needed to achieve the companies HSE objectives.

KHNL will manage health, safety & environment by:

  • Controlling the health and safety risks at work.
  • Involving employees on health, safety & environment issues that affect them.
  • Ensuring employees, including new employees, have relevant information and training on health, safety & environment policy.
  • Ensuring that where employees work, and any equipment they use, is safe.
  • Ensuring dangerous substances are stored, used and disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
  • Ensuring employees have suitable means to do their jobs, and are properly trained.
  • Ensuring suitable controls to stop accidents and work-related health problems.
  • Regularly check that working conditions are safe and healthy.
  • Regularly review this policy and making changes if necessary.

KHNL will take responsibility for health, safety & environment procedures, however employees need to be aware of their responsibilities and comply with the company health, safety & environment policies and procedures.

Every employee is encouraged to play a vital and responsible role in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and caring for our environment through:

  • Participating in the workplace health, safety & environment system.
  • Adhering to correct procedures and equipment use.
  • Utilizing protective clothing and equipment as and when required.
  • Assisting new employees, trainees and visitors to the workplace, ensure they understand the right procedures and why they exist.
  • Informing management immediately of any health, safety or environmental concerns.
  • Ensuring all accidents and incidents are reported immediately.
  • Keeping the work place tidy to minimise the risk of any accidents or mishaps.

KHNL recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy and productive workplace through the highest standards of safety and employment practice, and the reduction of risk in all its areas of activity. This policy is a declaration of KHNL Management’s intent to provide a safe and healthy working environment free from the inappropriate use of drugs and alcohol at all KHNL facilities. KHNL recognises that the use of illegal drugs, misuse of legal drugs (including solvents) and the abuse of alcohol can impair job performance at work and can be a serious threat to safety, health, productivity and the environment.

All KHNL staff, contractors, consultants, and any of their employees are required to comply with this policy when providing services at KHNL locations or on KHNL business. KHNL will ensure that all the aforementioned are made aware of this policy as part of our induction and communication procedures. In addition, KHNL will ensure that any employee who voluntarily declares a drug, alcohol or substance abuse related addiction or habit is provided with the appropriate advice and support.

No member of the KHNL staff, contractors, consultants, and any of their employees shall:

  • Report for duty under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, or the misuse of legal drugs (including solvents)
  • Consume alcohol or illegal drugs, or misuse legal drugs (including solvents) whilst on duty.

KHNL reserves the right to test “with cause” if any of the above characteristics are suspected. KHNL will, subject to any overriding government / regulatory restrictions, carry out at all its sites and offices:

  • Mandatory drugs & alcohol testing at induction, and
  • Random testing

All those engaged to work with KHNL on a site with specific company requirements are expected to comply fully with the provisions and working practices on that site including any additional government / regulatory requirements.

All KHNL activities will be carried out with proper regard for this policy and associated procedures. Any worker who refuses to undertake a test or receives a positive test result will be considered to be in breach of this Policy and will be excluded from their place of work and will be liable to disciplinary action, which may ultimately result in dismissal. Any person so excluded may be refused access to any KHNL site/office in the future.